About Us

The name: Raabta is a name is a meaningful name, which means communication between two persons or more than one person or objectives. The communication can be through verbal or non-verbal methods. The name "Raabta" initially used in the Urdu language. The language Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. When India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were one country before 1947, then this language was a common language to communicate with each other.

The Media:Mr Robbie Benipal, who migrate from India to Australia in 2008, wanted to build a platform where the people of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh can come together and share their cultural needs, where they can think behind the boundaries, marked by British during partition. The idea kept growing until 2012 when the group people from India and Pakistan found a media group and named "Raabta." Initially, they set up online Radio which used to operate from home. Because it was community need that time to have a platform where they can discuss their needs and matters, So they Raabta become popular online radio channel rapidly in the Indian and Pakistani communities. The show called KhundCharcha was an open talk show where people from all over the world join to discuss their local maters. Within year with the help of the community now Raabta Studio moved from home to caravan and its start involving in live broadcastings of Indian events. As the world moving toward digital era, Raabta also starts using virtual or video recordings or live streaming. Now Raabta is known as a Media which representing to India & Pakistan and delivering valuable information to their listeners.

Awards: The founder of this media group becomes a finalist of Governor's Multicultural awards 2017 of South Australia State. The local community-based organisations also recognised Rabata's participation in community work.

The future: The future of Raabta is a building of a communication bridge between new migrants and Indian Pakistani's born in Australia. Also, Raabta wants to play a role to maintain a stable peace and the cultural tie between Indian and Pakistani people living in Australia, no matter who Indian and Pakistani governments are acting on their lands.

The slogan of Raabta is "connecting the world." which means it is our vision and mission to deliver the message across the world where humanity can think above the religious or boundaries of different countries